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New Webinar: Fighting Fake Account Signups with Twilio and Google

The problem with using email addresses to identify user accounts is the ease at which email accounts can be created, even automated by software. This allows bad actors to create fraudulent accounts to:

  • Sign up to abuse free trial services in your application
  • Open accounts in someone else’s name as part of identity theft
  • Register social accounts to spam and attack legit users

Companies like Twitter and Facebook are now using phone numbers, verified by SMS, as a better way to validate that accounts are created by real people. And recent improvements to the Android platform have helped Google reduce security and privacy fears over using SMS. They recently partnered with Twilio to bring this feature to market.

In this 15-minute webinar, we’ll look at how applications like BBM, Houseparty, Shopify, and GO-JEK use phone numbers for user accounts instead of emails.

Webinar Details

When: Thursday, September 14th (2 pm ET, 11 am PT)

Simon Thorpe, Product Director, Account Security, Twilio
Paul Matthews, Developer Advocate & Partner Programs Engineer, Google

Register: The webinar is free but you must pre-register:

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