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Authy uses Twilio communication, 2FA and verification APIs to power its leading authenticator app. Twilio APIs allow you to quickly integrate functionality into your application in a way that balances security for your business and usability for your users. Check out how we use Twilio in our Authy apps below.

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Both authy.com, the apps and the Twilio Authy API use SMS and push notification APIs from Twilio. App install instructions, phone change request updates and push notifications of pending 2FA requests, are all delivered reliably and on time with the Twilio Notify API.
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Authy uses a phone number as the username, and we use the Twilio Verify API to confirm users. This reduces fraudulent accounts and makes onboarding simple.
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Two-Factor Authentication


Authy is all about 2FA. We use the Twilio Authy API to sync users tokens into the app which are then used to authenticate to their applications, even when the device is offline.
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The Twilio Authy API also supports the latest push authentication, allowing users to easily authenticate to apps and also quickly deny illegitimate logins.
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Powered by Twilio


Authy Powered by Twilio

Build 2FA into your applications with Twilio APIs.

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