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Webinar: SendGrid Implements 2FA with Authy


Building any new application or service today requires a laser focus on security. Relying solely on a username and password is like fitting a propeller engine on the latest Boeing aircraft, it’s utterly inadequate for the safety of your customers. But security software is very complex and very risky to build on your own. So, do you develop it yourself or do you buy it from a vendor?

Register for our on-demand webinar on the PROs & CONs of buying or building two-factor authentication.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Authy’s 2FA solution helps SendGrid, the leading cloud-based email delivery service, keep cyber attacks at bay. Every month, SendGrid sends over 25 billion emails for their Internet and mobile-based clients. As you can imagine, sending that many emails is not without its challenges.

“Security is crucial to email because email has traditionally been heavily exploited. Spammers and phishers have been around for a very long time.”

Jensen Stava, Product Manager, SendGrid

Please enjoy this on-demand webinar as we talk with Jensen about Sendgrid’s vendor decision criteria and selection process, and how they implemented Authy’s 2FA service to increase the security of their customer’s accounts. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How 2FA protects against threats of spam, domain spoofing, phishing, and blacklists.
  • How 2FA provides secure access to account statistics and engagement data.
  • How partnering with Authy reduces the risks and required upkeep typical when building in-house 2FA.

While you watch, you might want to refer to Authy’s recent white paper and learn why you can buy your application security and then build with it.

Who Should Watch This On-Demand Webinar:

  • All developers and programmers of apps and websites
  • SendGrid clients and prospects
  • Any IT department, product manager, or service provider deciding on whether to buy or build authentication security solutions




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