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Authy Desktop now available in Beta for Linux

In 2014, we launched Authy for the desktop. It was a version of our popular 2FA app that ran as an application in the Chrome browser. Later it was offered as a standalone desktop app for macOS and Windows, which have also been wildly successful. 

Then, in January 2020, when Google announced that they would be ending support of Chrome Apps across all operating systems. As a result, we decided to cease supporting Authy for Chrome & Chrome Extension. However, it will continue to function until Google stops allowing it to be installed, updated, or run on your specific operating system.

That said, it became apparent that we were missing a service opportunity for many Authy users: Linux users. Frankly, this has been a popular feature request for some time, and we have finally put it into action.  

So today, we are proud to release into public beta the new Authy Desktop for Linux app. We also took the opportunity to incorporate our latest UI allowing you to view your 2FA accounts either in a grid or list view, as well as a search bar to find your authenticator accounts quickly.

So experience this new app by heading over to, head to “Desktop” and find the Linux beta download in the dropdown menu.


Supported Linux distributions via Snapcraft 

  • Ubuntu 
  • Debian 
  • Manjaro 
  • FedoraSupported, but there’s a known issue where text is not displayed correctly in a pop-up window after the user clicks on “Log out and reset device.” The pop-up should say “You will lose any authenticator tokens that are not backed up. Are you sure you want to reset this device?” The right button is to “Accept” and the left button is to “Cancel”. 
  • Other distributions may also work fine as well, but we have not tested them at the time of publication.


Some important FAQs:

  • Can I install Authy Desktop on more than one computer?
    • Yes. We encourage this because if you lose access to one device, you still have another app with which to login to your applications.
  • Is using Authy on the desktop still considered to be two-factor authentication?
    • Yes. Two-factor authentication is still valid regardless of whether the second authentication factor comes from your mobile device, your tablet, or a desktop app. What really matters is that the second factor is something that only you have.

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