Authy & Chrome

Back in 2014, Authy used the Chrome Apps framework to build and launch a multi-platform app that was not only easy to install, but also looked, felt and worked just as great as the Authy mobile app for smartphones and other digital devices.

However, in January 2020, Google announced that they will be ending support of Chrome Apps across all operating systems starting June 2020. As a result, Authy for Chrome & Chrome Extension will no longer be supported. This means that Authy will not be publishing updates, fixing bugs, or making improvements to Authy for Chrome & Chrome Extension going forward. However, it will continue working as-is, until Google stops allowing it to be installed, updated, or run on your specific operating system.

Authy recommendations

We strongly recommend that you immediately switch to using our mobile apps instead. These top-rated apps offer similar or better features for securely storing your authenticator account tokens, and are fully supported and regularly updated. Simply download one or more of these apps and follow the steps to transfer your existing account tokens.

  • Note: Multi-device, a key Authy feature, helps prevent lock-out situations by allowing users access to their 2FA tokens on more than one device. With Multi-device, users can synchronize 2FA tokens between devices and effectively create a “backup” Authy device. After adding a device, you’ll want to prevent any additional (and unauthorized) devices from being added, so disable “Allow Multi-device” on both devices when you are done syncing. You can always return and repeat the process from either of these trusted devices.