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Deprecating Authy for WordPress

Starting today, January 12, 2018, the official Authy plugin for WordPress is deprecated, and we are recommending that our Authy WordPress Plugin customers find other 2FA plugins to protect their WordPress sites with two-factor authentication. This does not affect the Authy API and Authy app, which will continue working unchanged for any other sites or plugins that are using them. Only the official Authy WordPress Plugin is changing.

This decision has been a hard one, and a long time coming. It’s been a pleasure working for—and with—the WordPress community and we’ve found incredibly passionate users there who have helped us make our product better. However, as we’ve grown, we haven’t been able to give the plugin the attention that it deserves and we know that our first duty is to make sure that we don’t do anything which would put our customers in danger. Creating and maintaining a great security plugin requires focus. And we just have not been able to give the Authy WordPress Plugin that same level of focus anymore.

Our resources are now entirely dedicated to the Authy API and the Authy app, which have always been at the heart of the plugin. This means that any developer who wants to add 2FA to their website, or even to a plugin, can still use Authy.

Similarly, we hope you and your end-users love using the Authy app, which will continue to be free, and which we are continuously working to improve. You may not be aware that the Authy app works even on websites that don’t use Authy, as long as they support standard TOTP (like Google Authenticator), so you can continue using the Authy app if you’re using Jetpack’s built-in two-factor authentication support.

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