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Announcing General Availability of Authy 2FA For Desktop

In August 2016, when it was announced that Google would drop support for Chrome apps sometime in 2018, we knew we had to plan for an alternative to our Authy Chrome app. Having learned that it didn’t make sense to tie a desktop authenticator to a specific browser, we concentrated on a dedicated app for both Windows and MacOS.

This past summer, a beta version of Authy 2FA for Desktops, one that doesn’t require a browser, was released. We’re proud to announce that after reviewing user feedback and making a few necessary adjustments, the app is now generally available and feature complete.

Download Authy for Desktop here. When new versions are released, Authy for Desktop will automatically update the next time the application is opened.

Upon using Authy for Desktop, you’ll notice an improved user experience, including:

  • Auto updates. You get the latest version every time.
  • Search for tokens by name.
  • Display tokens as a list or in a grid view.
  • Greater device information. Allows users to view and remove unused apps.
  • Push authentication support for websites that have implemented it.

Authy remains committed to launching a version for Linux users, but the development of Authy for Desktop was our priority. Until then, Authy for Chrome can still be used on Linux.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to test our beta version, and who worked closely with us to iron out issues. We’re grateful to have such an enthusiastic Authy user community. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Authy for Desktop.

About the author Simon Thorpe

Simon works in the product group at Authy and has over 15 years of experience in the security and identity management space. Working at companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Okta, he has spent a lot of time understanding and architecting solutions to secure all sorts of information. At Authy he works closely with the whole team to deliver a world class solution for developers to build security into their applications.

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