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Your Favorite 2FA App Just Got Way Better

unnamed-1One of the most frequently seen Authy feature requests is “More tokens! More logos!” Not a day goes by when we don’t receive a tweet that reads “Please add this specific token” or “Why don’t you update this old logo?”

We Hear You

Having more logos—or tokens—to represent the various authenticator accounts you use allows for more choice and more satisfaction while getting the best two-factor authentication security out there.

And although we can’t have a token for every logo for every company in every language, we are including in the most recent app update some of the most requested Google Authenticator tokens. We’ve also added 6 new generic icons, to reduce user confusion when searching for a token that isn’t represented in the branded list.

Here’s what was added or updated:


Data Driven Decisions

The tokens we added is by far not an all-inclusive list; we polled our Twittersphere audience to get a pulse on which were the most desired, and then we compared that list to what we see behind the scenes; which tokens are most commonly added to the Authy service by our users. So while we considered all requests from Twitter, we used data to drive the decision on which logos to add.

We also optimized the ordering of the logos to make it easier to find the one’s you need. Again, we admit the previous display was a bit haphazard, so we positioned the new generic logos at the top of the display and then alphabetically sorted the rest.


The updated Authy apps on iOS, Android, and for Desktop are being released with these logos, and you’ll also find general bug fixes and usability improvements to ensure logos get updated if you already have them captured. This does not mean that Authy users HAVE TO upgrade to the new app, but if you do, we’re sure it’ll be a better experience in your online security.

  • Please note:
    If you’ve uploaded the latest version of the apps, when we release the logos you will see the new/updated logos immediately.
    If you do not have the latest version, you will need to go to Settings > Accounts and change the logos manually.

About Custom Icons

Many of you have asked for a way to create custom icons – uploading your preferred image or logo based on your Authy activity. We agree that it would be super helpful, and we are working on a solution. Custom logos are coming but, as of yet, we have not been provided with an ETA from our dev team. Please keep your eyes and ears on our social channels for a forthcoming announcement on user-customization.


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