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Two-Factor Auth For Everyone

bigstock-Binary-code-background-59902745-650x251More than a year ago Daniel Palachio started working on an Android App to add two-factor authentication to a site he was working on. Since then, Authy has changed dramatically to become a full platform that anyone can use to simply add two-factor authentication to their site or app.

We built Authy for ourselves. We wanted a two-factor authentication solution that would work across sites since we didn’t want to install and configure a new App for every site, that was simple to integrate and finally, that would be self-serviced, so we didn’t need an IT department. Once we had the basics done, we decided to open the API to a few of our friends and they loved it.

This year things changed.

We’ve witnessed how Linked-in, Last-FM, Linode and, just this week, Dropbox were hacked. Taking the lead, Dropbox has now decided to enable two-factor authentication. Why haven’t others? Well, it’s still very hard for the average site to do so. We wanted to change that, so we decided to open our API to everyone.

If you own a site or app and you care about your users, consider adding two-factor today. Do not wait until your users get hacked, that’s just irresponsible. And if you are a user, demand two-factor authentication from the services you use. It’s in your hand’s to decide on whether you want to keep things the way they are….or have a future where your data is safe.

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