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Twitch Launches 2FA Service Built On Authy


Today is an exciting day at Authy. Twitch, the leading streaming service in gaming and entertainment, has just rolled out two-factor authentication (2FA) to provide increased security for all of their 100 million plus monthly users, and it’s powered by Authy. It doesn’t matter if you are the massively popular @captainsparklez (read about his rise to fame here) or an aspiring artist revealing your skills to the world via the new #creative channel, Twitch is leading the industry in recognizing the importance of ensuring their users can secure their online experience.

Why Would Someone With A Twitch Profile Care About 2FA?

Username and password has been the main method of accessing websites since the web was born in the early 1990’s! 2FA ensures more than just the password is involved when users login to Twitch. This extra security keeps valuable content safe and prevents those who have stolen a user’s password from logging in and impersonating them. Twitch is part of the new age of broadcasting, getting access to one of the top Twitch accounts is the modern equivalent of breaking into Fox Studios. You can learn more from Twitch about them deploying 2FA on their own news channel this Friday at at 1PM PT / 4PM ET.

Using Authy not only means Twitch can quickly implement 2FA, but it allows them to deliver the best user experience possible. It’s super easy to switch on. Once you’ve logged into your Twitch account, simply:

  1. Go to the Security section in Settings and select Set up two-factor authentication.
  2. Enter your Twitch password and then your phone number.
  3. Enter the verification code you receive via text message or via the Authy app.

To save on your SMS costs, Twitch recommends installing the Authy app. The app allows you to add multiple devices, which prevent you losing access to Twitch if you lose your phone. You can also configure the app to use extra security features, such as requiring iOS Touch ID before the Authy app will open. You can also use Authy on your desktop which improves usability.

It’s because of such features Twitch is using Authy over something like Google Authenticator. As many users of Google Authenticator have found out, when you lose a device, you need to reset 2FA with each vendor, one by one, which is a slow and painful process. Authy provides a simpler solution that greatly reduces the chances of being locked out.


Are You An Existing Authy User?

Once you enable 2FA for Twitch, it will automatically populate to your profile. The next time you login to Twitch, all you need to do is enter your Authy token. If someone gets a hold of your Twitch username and password, you’re still safe, because no-one can login without those two elements and access to your phone.

IMG_1253Not only is Twitch leading the gaming industry in the right direction, but they also bring 2FA to the widest range of devices ever! You can login to stream gameplay or view other content on Twitch from your XBox, Playstation, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and any web browser.

Plus the Twitch SDK allows more and more Twitch clients to be built on platforms like Smart TV’s, bringing new creative uses for stronger security like 2FA.

Overall, the massive implementation of 2FA by Twitch is a big step in improving awareness and adoption of stronger security. We spend countless hours and often, real dollars, into our favorite games and gaming platforms.

It just makes sense that we would treasure those accounts in the same way we want to keep anything of value safe: by protecting it. Don’t forget to login to your Twitch account and enable 2FA today!

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