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Search Your Authy 2FA Tokens on iOS and Android

In the last few weeks, the Authy apps for iOS and Android have been updated to allow for in-app search, so you can easily find the 2FA accounts you’re looking for regardless of how many you’re protecting with Authy.

Providing users with a way to organize their two-factor authentication tokens, whether through a folder system or via a search tool, has been one of our most regularly requested features. And we’re happy to release it just before the New Year when many people put in a little extra effort to organize their digital lives.

This new search functionality brings the Authy apps into line with features in our standalone desktop 2FA app for both macOS and Windows. If you haven’t tried Authy Desktop yet, we think you’ll enjoy it.

Managing feature requests

Authy has an incredibly passionate community of users out there who continue to help us make our two-factor authentication products better, and we sincerely appreciate all the recommendations and feature requests we receive.

As we grow, we find an ever-changing list of priorities on our to-do list, and while we do take every feature request seriously, we apologize for not being able to anticipate exactly when each might be ready for release. For example, we released a recent update for landscape view for tablets without a lot of fanfare, but for those of you who had been waiting for it, it was a big deal. We also spend a significant amount of time on security updates, both in the apps and also in the APIs it uses and these updates are not always visible to you. Feel free to continue to send us requests for improvements you’d like to see.

Please spread the word

Thank you for continuing to use the Authy app, and for sharing it with friends and family who may not be as aware of online security concerns. Remind them that they can quickly download the Authy app (for iOS, Android, or Desktop)  and use it just about anywhere that offers two-factor authentication protection, even on websites or mobile apps that don’t outwardly promote Authy. If a site supports standard TOTP (like Google Authenticator), you can always substitute Authy in the set-up process instead.

And please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook so that you can be the first to know when new updates are released. As always, if you have any questions, please visit

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