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Protect WordPress Sites in Under 2 Minutes


WordPress has made it easy for anyone to create and maintain a great site. It’s so powerful that even some of the biggest site’s on the web like use it.

Last year we saw millions of passwords stolen when large sites like LinkedIn and Gamigo were compromised. Then we read through the gripping story of WIRED reporter Mat Honan telling us how his life got turned upside down when his accounts got compromised. We saw how suddenly the media and everyone started talking about two-factor authentication. How now, more than ever, it is important to protect yourself with more than just a password. But the truth is: that’s easier SAID than DONE. We want to change that TODAY.

Today we’re releasing a WordPress plugin that’s specifically designed to help anyone, technical or not, to protect their WordPress site with Two-Factor Authentication in under 2 minutes.

Two-Factor Authentication is a strong form of Authentication were the person is required to know something, like a password, and have something, like a Smart-card. With Authy, the person is required to know his password as well as a Token. The Token is a 7 digits number that changes every 20 seconds and is tied to a physical object you already have: your phone. So even if an attacker was able to get your password, he has no way of knowing your Token since he doesn’t have your phone. Also because the Token is changing constantly (every 20 seconds) and can only be used once, phishing attacks and key-loggers are ineffective. Even if an attacker was able to get the Token using a key-logger or a phishing attack, the token would be already used or expired.

  • You can get your free API key from Authy here
  • Download the plugin from: WordPress

To make sure anyone can benefit from this, we made a video that explains how to install and configure Two-Factor Authentication today on your WordPress site in less than 2 minutes.

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Authy is simple & secure two-factor authentication, available as a free mobile or desktop app, from Twilio. To get yours, click on the download button at the top of the page.

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