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One Token To Rule Them All

Since we launched Authy one of the most common concerns is that no one wants to install a new app for every Two-Factor Authentication account. We built Authy to be the best Two-Factor Authentication system ever created, so naturally we had to solve that problem. Today we are happy to announce you can now add all your Google Authenticator Tokens into Authy.


We’ve made a number of improvements over the Google Authenticator App.

  1. Accounts backups: If you choose to, Authy will encrypt (inside your phone) your Google Authenticator accounts and we will securely store them on our servers. Note that we only store the encrypted version. Neither Authy nor its employees will have access to your accounts. We recommend you choose an encryption key of 8 or more characters.
  2. Automatic account detection: We’ll automatically detect if it’s a gmail account, dropbox account or any other account automatically for you. Depending on that we’ll use different graphics and other enhancements.
  3. You always get 20 seconds to enter your token. Everytime you open the app, we’ll open your last used token and you will have 20 seconds.
  4. We’ll automatically check your time.  And if it’s out of sync, we’ll let you know. Future versions will automatically sync the time for you, just as we do on all Authy tokens.

Here’s a small video showing how to add Authenticator accounts.

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