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MWC16 Rocked!

2016-03-16_2223I had hoped to grab some time immediately after the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) to jot down my impressions, but my head was reeling with all the innovation, ideas and smart people I encountered there. Then I switched gears to prepare for GDC16, this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and the upcoming Collision Conference in New Orleans. It’s been busy, but so much of MWC16 is still resonating that I wanted to share with you.

It’s hard to say what I enjoyed most about attending the MWC16. First, it was great to be in Barcelona with the Authy team for a few days enjoying tapas, cerveza, and jamón ibérico. Being relatively new to Authy, I loved chatting about countless authentication use cases with amazing developers from all over the world. And of course, it’s always great to hear about challenges and discuss exciting projects with potential customers. I’ve come to expect (and am always pleased when I see) the excitement in the eyes of everyone who sees how our two-factor authentication solution works for the first time. All in all, it was a fantastic experience!

2016-03-16_2224Since 2016 was the first Mobile World Congress since our acquisition by Twilio, we shared a booth — a great way to showcase the combined power of our technology to the conference attendees.

We had clients, prospects and users from every sector, industry and type of enterprise drop by our booth, with security on their mind. With breaches and hacks in the news on a near-daily basis, it’s clear (now more than ever) that user authentication is a priority for the enterprise. Whether you’re stepping up security on internal processes or authenticating a customer’s access to your app, the 2FA step is perhaps the most crucial to secure accounts, and in the most demand.

We did a lot of demonstrations for how Authy OneTouch, our push-notification two-factor authentication solution. We really enjoyed showing how the product works really conveys how simple it is for a user to, with a single touch, approve or deny a transaction. And language barriers were no problem – Authy One Touch is so simple, everyone “got it”. Nearly every time we demonstrated Authy OneTouch, it got a double thumbs up.

Lots of companies are willing to add more security to their service, data access, user access, but they also want to provide their customers and employees with the best user experience possible. And that is what OneTouch was made for: meeting both expectations at the same time. There’s no trade-off between enterprise security and user convenience.

Last but not least, while we were at MWC16, 
VMWare went public with their partnership with Authy, choosing our 2FA because it enables reliable, scalable authentication that delivers an additional layer of security without compromising user experience. VMWare’s Justin Grimsley sat with Marc Boroditsky, Twilio VP of Authentication, to discuss the arrangement. Watch the full interview.

Did you miss out on MWC? Don’t worry! You can find Authy at these upcoming events:

  • FinDEVr, March 29-30, 2016, New York City
  • Collision, April 26-28, 2016, New Orleans

And we’ll surely be seeing you at MWC17, from February 27th through March 2nd, 2017. Can’t wait!

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