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Join Authy At SIGNAL 2017, Twilio’s Developer Conference

Note: Signal 2017 will be held in San Francisco on May 24-25. There’s an optional developer SuperClass on the 23rd, and the biggest, nerdiest closing party you’ve ever seen on the 25th. Use code Authy20 for 20% OFF

It won’t be long now!

Authy is psyched to be part of SIGNAL 2017, Twilio’s annual developer conference held on Pier 27 in San Francisco. SIGNAL is a wild, and wildly educational, two days of developers, coders, entrepreneurs, system integrators, IT teams, and independent software vendors networking, building stuff, and having fun. And, as online security is ever more important for today’s developers, Authy has a more significant role at the event than in year’s past.

Whether you consider yourself non-technical, beginner, intermediate or advanced, make sure you’re part of this event. There will also be 80 breakout sessions focusing on Mobile, Machine Learning & AI, IoT, and Serverless Infrastructure, in addition to Authy’s three breakout sessions on digital security in app development, transactions, and site access.

Authy Breakouts

  1. Invisible Verification = Happy App Users, Johanna Mantilla, Software Engineer,  & Serge Kruppa, Head of Authy Engineering, Twilio. As the world moves to mobile-first, account registration is changing. In this session, Authy announces a new set of tools to make user signup easier and safer on mobile apps.
  2. Critical Security: Government-certified Multi-Factor Authentication using Twilio and Authy Matthew Williams, Product Manager, Exostar.  Learn how Exostar, in partnership with eClinicalWorks, uses Twilio’s Authy 2FA to enable credentialing and authentication of healthcare providers who e-prescribe controlled substances.
  3. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Authentication Randall Degges, Senior Developer Evangelist, Okta. You’ll see how to take a bare-bones Node app, and add progressively better authentication to it step-by-step.
  4. Implementing 2FA In 90 Days Ian McChord, Vice President Product Management, Datto. Focused on disaster recovery and business continuity for SMBs, Datto teamed with Authy to enable quick access to critical systems when businesses are on fire – literally.
  5. The Post-SS7 Future of Two-Factor Auth B Byrne, Head of Authy Product, Twilio. After attackers used vulnerabilities in the SS7 network to intercept 2FA codes and break into a bank. Is that the final nail for SMS-based 2FA?
  6. Best Practices for Deploying Twilio Authentication Services Dan Killmer, Lead Solutions Architect, Twilio. Thinking about implementing Twilio two-factor Authentication or Phone Verification? Hear key considerations for optimal user experience, user onboarding, recovery, self-service, edge cases, and more.

40+ Sessions.

Check out the full schedule and list of speakers.

Don’t Go It Alone.

On the day before SIGNAL (that’s May 23rd), we’ll be part of the Twilio SuperClass, a full day of live, self-directed developer training (both introductory and advanced), where you’ll have access to on-site mentors from the Twilio teams who build the products. It’s the perfect place to learn how to implement user account verification and 2FA with the Authy API and SDKs.

Rock-solid Networking.

Don’t be shy – get to know the participants in the Twilio Customer Advisory Board. Taking part this year are Cloudflare, Coinbase, Datto, Exostar, Settrax, VMware, Shopify, and other Authy clients.

Last But Not Least.

Who could forget $BASH, our after-party carnival for coders? This year’s theme is “The World’s Fair of the Future.” Not to be missed.

SAVE $$$

SIGNAL isn’t all about fun and games; it’s also a place where 2,000 of your peers will deepen business relationships or establish new partnerships. Use code AUTHY20 to take 20% off registration. Students and full-time employees of charitable, nonprofit, or nongovernmental organization (typically .ORG’s) can attend SIGNAL for just $99. But be prepared to prove it! Register now


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