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Cross-Industry Security: 4 Brands Getting 2FA Right

Some months ago we took a significant step to improve our digital presence while still providing great content for enterprise decision makers, innovative developers, and 2FA end-users eager to make digital activities safer and more convenient.

In doing so, we moved much of our resources, customer stories, tutorials and presentation videos over to the authentication and account security sections of

Because potential customers and partners often first land at as end-users looking for info on our popular 2fa app, we wanted to share some inspiring case studies that highlight how various organizations approach—and implement—two-factor authentication security in business.

Here are just a few customer stories we’ve published in the last few months, from industries like cryptocurrency, IT Infrastructure, video gaming broadcasting, and data protection:

Protecting Data is Datto’s Everything

When bad stuff happens — natural disasters, technology failures, malicious activity, or user errors — Datto, the world’s leading data protection and business continuity solution, can spin an entire business IT infrastructure deployment back to full functionality in less than six seconds.

With Twilio’s Authy 2FA powering their authentication process, more than 60,000 small-to-medium sized businesses across the globe remain invincible, secure, and instantly restorable at any time. According to the company, Authy was so easy to implement that they rolled it right into their solution and affordable enough to allow them to offer it completely free to their partners.

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Security is Part of LogicMonitor’s DNA

LogicMonitor, an SaaS-based performance monitoring solution for IT infrastructure, had already incorporated single sign-on (SSO) for internal tools and customer accounts. But some customers needed stronger security that went beyond just username and password. Additionally, some large service provider customers had separate SSOs for their clients, making it difficult to authenticate against both customers and end-users.

Having acknowledged there was room for improvement, LogicMonitor researched implementing additional security layers with two-factor authentication. They evaluated several solutions, including Google Authenticator, but decided to integrate Twilio’s Authy 2FA since they were currently using other Twilio services. Now LogicMonitor customers who don’t have an identity provider can get 2FA right out of the box and immediately improve the security in their account. Learn why LogicMonitor says “From a cost-benefit perspective, the benefits of buying a 2FA solution far outweigh building one.”

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Frictionless, High-Stakes Security for Gemini

In the world of cryptocurrency, a security failure means the loss of customer funds and customer trust. A breach of any kind could spell business failure. With such a ‘highest-stakes’ problem, Gemini sought to deploy information security resources that covered a broad spectrum of security disciplines. And the company was steadfast in using only reputable third-party partners who provided architecture developed primarily for their customers.

They evaluated products that provide hard tokens, like RSA SecurID and YubiKey, as well as Google Authenticator. Their search eventually led them to Twilio’s Authy 2FA, which is now discretely integrated throughout the entire Gemini transactional flow. A competitive differentiator, it’s why Gemini says “The most important thing we do is ensure customer account security.”

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Serious Gamers Require Serious Security

Every day, nearly 10 million people gather to watch and talk about video games with more than two million streamers. Where does this happen? On Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for video game culture. With an audience this passionate and active, keeping accounts secure with a minimum of friction is the #1 priority for the young company.

Before they integrated 2FA into their platform, however, the Twitch team had a big decision to make: should they build or buy? They knew they could build their own security system, but it would be a massive undertaking in cost, resourcing, development, and most of all, maintaining reliability. Learn why Twitch admits “Building our own 2FA was not core to our business. That’s why they chose Twilio’s Authy 2FA.”

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We hope you enjoy these Customer Stories.  If you want to explore other 2FA resources, go here.  

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