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Authy WordPress Plugin Now Supports OneTouch

The future of authentication is using a combination of push notifications combined with a simple and rich user experience on a mobile device. To users, this would appear as a simple notification on your mobile device, followed by an informative message that allows you to decide if the login should continue (if the request is legitimate) or not (if you suspect someone is attempting to hack your account). This innovative approach has been validated and followed by other companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Here at Authy, we build a cloud API service that allows you to take advantage of these improvements in application security without having to fund a security development team like those at the aforementioned technology giants. We call this service OneTouch…and have just updated our WordPress plugin, so that you can now get a modern, secure authentication experience for your WordPress publications.

aprrovedenyAs you can see from the image above, it’s simple to use. When you login to WordPress with OneTouch enabled you’ll see the prompt as shown above left. The Authy app on your mobile device will then get a notification and display the request as shown above right. Click on the “Approve” button, and you’ll immediately be logged into WordPress. No codes to retype, no more buttons to press. Just hit “Approve” and away you go. Hit “Deny” and the attempted login will fail, sending the user back to the login screen.

To take advantage of this new feature, login to your Authy account (signup if you don’t have an account yet) and click on the “OneTouch” option in the left menu. From here you can enable OneTouch for your WordPress blog or website.


In the future, we hope to be releasing more plugin updates, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for update announcements.

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