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Authy User: Security in London & The Fear Of Change

We love getting to know our user, many of whom first try two-factor authentication offered by other providers. And we’re cool with that. The more people protected — whether with Authy or a competitive product  — the better. But there are a number of reasons people who are already protected by 2FA eventually find Authy. Maybe it’s our great UI. Or the fact that you can use Authy 2FA accounts across multiple devices. Or how easy we make it to regain security if your phone is lost or stolen.

That said, fear of change can keep some people from making the jump. This is Deepanjan Nag‘s story:

AUTHY: Cheers, Deepanjan. Thanks for offering to tell us your Authy story. So, you’re in the UK?

Deepanjan: Yes, I am a software developer from India currently working in London. I primarily write a lot of code.

And when you’re not writing code you’re…

Reading tech news.

So, you’re pretty immersed in tech. That’s fairly typical of developers. Even in their downtime, they’re still always on. Does being online all the time concern you? A larger digital footprint leaves more opportunities for hackers…

I was always paranoid about security. When Google launched Authenticator, I started using it at once.

Understood. Lots of people discover two-factor authentication through Google. They’re everywhere.

Right. I began with Google Authenticator because I had no other alternative. Later, Authy was launched. However, the mere thought of switching from Authenticator was scary as it would be a herculean task. I procrastinated switching to Authy.

Yes, there’s that whole fear of change thing that keeps people from moving forward. But at least you were protected by Google. Some people never get that far.

There were a lot of reasons I needed to make a move: the fear of losing my phone and losing access to my logins; the fact that my Authenticator codes were localized and accessible from only one phone made me very jittery; I hated the idea of my 2FA codes being imprisoned to one device. And the ability to Cloud sync was what I really wanted.

Right. Authy can help with all that!

I eventually made the switch, and Authy is now my #1 choice. I also played with LastPass Authenticator just to get a feel the product. It was no match for Authy.

What do you like best?

I really like Authy’s PIN Protection. But for me, cloud syncing is the most important feature.

Any tips on how we could improve our 2FA?

I’ve been using Authy for less than a year, but I already have 37 accounts secured, so it would be great to create folders or tags for account organization. Search capability would help, too. And Night Mode would be a nice to have!

Do you think you’d recommend Authy to other Google Auth users?

Absolutely. Authy’s the best 2FA solution around. I depend on it every day.

Thanks, Deepanjan.

You’re welcome. And thanks for the great product.



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