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Authy User: 2FA & Philly Cheesesteaks

AUTHY: This Authy two-factor authentication user story is about babies and food.

My name is Brad Williams. I’m a computer programmer, and my wife and I live in Philadelphia, with our son Lucas, the famous #cheesesteakforscale baby. 

AUTHY: As in Philly Cheesesteak?

Being new parents, you’re basically running on no sleep and a lot of takeout food. We ordered takeout and I got a cheesesteak. I’m sitting there, and my wife’s holding our new son, and I look over and realize he’s literally about the size of this cheesesteak. So, I was like, ‘Let’s take a picture, why not?’ I did this every month for his first year. And after that, I posted it on social networks, it went viral, and we got some press about it.

AUTHY: How about when you’re not watching taking pictures or eating cheesesteaks?

I am the Co-founder and CEO of, a WordPress design and development agency. We create websites for some of the world’s largest brands leveraging the WordPress open-source platform.

AUTHY: So, security is important to your business as well as your social profiles. 

Yes. Two-factor authentication has been a requirement at my company for many years. When I first learned websites and services were allowing 2FA as an option I enabled it on every service that I could. The more security, the better in my opinion!

AUTHY: Have you been an Authy user from the start?

No. Google Authenticator was my first choice, but I have since moved to Authy and love it! After using Google Authenticator for a number of years, I decided to switch things up after I purchased a new phone. I forgot to transfer over my 2FA accounts, so I had the terrible task of reaching out to every company that had 2FA enabled to figure out how I could reset 2FA without Google Authenticator available. It was a very time-consuming process and I knew there had to be a better way. That’s when I found Authy!

AUTHY: Do you use it on more than one device? 

Yes, I use the “multi-device” option. I have the Android App on my phone and the Desktop App and Chrome Extension on a MacBook Pro. Right now I have over twenty accounts protected with Authy and syncing across devices is the absolute best feature!

AUTHY: Thanks for the chat, Brad. Please spread the word!  

I recommend Authy to our entire company, but I try to unplug from the computer when I am not working. I want to spend as much time with my son as I can. 

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