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Rails Girls Bogotá Builds Great Things


For the second year in a row, Authy is sponsoring an excellent cause in Bogota, Colombia.

Rails Girls Bogotá promotes deeper engagement and involvement of women in technology and the developer community. They try to make tech approachable and give tools and training to women to build their ideas. Working with the support of a coach and project mentor, Rails Girls Bogotá hosts an awesome opportunity for women to develop web applications with Ruby on Rails, improve their skills, and make a contribution to the open source community.

Rails Girls is a worldwide network that attracts thousands of women to the world of web building. They have free events in Shanghai, Singapore, Tallinn, Berlin, Krakow, Toronto, Bangalore, Manilla, Galway, and just about everywhere in the world.

2016-07-21_1152So why is Authy sponsoring their meeting in Bogotá, Colombia? Well, Authy got its start in Bogotá and it’s still where our development team makes Authy magic. In fact, we just moved into an incredible new office space there. We love the great talent and commitment the developer community has in Colombia, and Rails Girls Bogotá is a big part of that community.

When we sponsored the Rails Girls Bogotá event last year, we learned that women make up only 2% – 5% of the open source community. Rails Girls wants to help change this by attracting thousands of girls to the world of web building. And so do we. Selfishly, supporting Rails Girls Bogotá is a great way to discover potential, new talent for the Authy team!

CH5dnUpWgAEGTepDuring the 2-day Rails Girls Bogotá event, Authy team members will be on hand to will give an overview of the two-factor authentication tools we build using Ruby and what it’s like working on a global cybersecurity product and build and optimize two-factor authentication apps every day. We’ll also talk about career opportunities at Twilio and Authy and be on hand to answer any questions. And we’ll host a lunch and give out Authy swag!


When: Friday, August 5 & Saturday, August 6

Cost: It’s free! You just need good energy and a desire to learn!

Register: Sign up now as seats are limited.

Note: At Rails Girls Bogotá, most of the guidelines will be in Spanish, however, documentation and guides will be in English. Men are always welcome, but girls take first priority.

If you don’t live in Bogotá, but you’re interested in learning Ruby on Rails and the open source community, check out a Rails Girls event near you!

About the author Adriana Pineda

Adriana is a mobile developer at Twilio and was part of the iOS team at Authy. Before joining Authy, Adriana worked as a backend developer at a marketing consultant company. She got interested in computer science at age 17 and since then she started pursuing a career in tech. She is also interested in end-user experience delivering a top end-user authentication app. In her free time she loves to read and explore new restaurants in the city.

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