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Authy Still On The Road In Q216

140829203816-crowded-airplane-horizontal-large-galleryThe last three months, Authy has been everywhere. We went to:

After all that, you’d think we’d take a break. But you’d be wrong. There’s too much two-factor authentication evangelizing to do!


4 Developers, Warsaw, Poland

On April 11th, evangelist Phil Nash will be in Warsaw, Poland at 4 Developers 2016. It’s a 1-day event for developers (obviously) who will get to see Phil Nash do some live coding and give his awesome “2FA, WTF” presentation.

Wolves Summit, Warsaw, Poland

After the 4 Developers event, Phil heads cross-town where he will speak at the Wolves Summit, a multinational event in Eastern Europe focused on networking between corporations, investor, and startups. The Wolves Summit is from April 12th & 13th, but Phil’s Authy evangelizing is scheduled for Tuesday the 12th.

Collision, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

In the middle of two weeks of JazzFest, from April 26th – 28th, we’ll be at Collision, America’s fastest growing tech conference. Besides the great food and parties, we’ll be among 7,500 attendees from more than 50 countries, so we’ll be able to give Authy some international attention. On Tuesday, the 26th, we’ll be sure to attend the session “The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made” with our CEO, Jeff Lawson. The following day our Lead Solutions Architect, Dan Killmer, will lead a workshop where you can get hands-on help with an authentication project. Representing Authy at the Twilio exhibit booth will be Severine Griziaux, Paolo Francula, Marc Boroditsky, James Chin & Marcelo Jabali. Please let us know if you’re headed down, and we can talk 2FA over beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde.



Finovate Spring, San Jose, California, USA

On May 10th & 11th, Authy will be back in our own backyard at Finovate Spring. We love the Finovate conferences as they are some of the most memorable events in financial services technology. We’ll see some of our excellent FinTech clients and peers who are presenting and/or attending, and we hope to make new contacts there. Please give our very own James Chin a shout if you want to catch up.

Apps World North America, Santa Clara, California, USA

Following on the heels of Finovate, and just down the road, is Apps World North America. We’re stoked for this one because 2FA is so important in the world of mobile-first app development, IoT and wearables. Plus there’s VR, gaming, FinTech, mobile banking, Android and iOS developers, start-ups and established global brands — and a hackathon. The conference will be held on May 11th & 12th. Please visit us @ booth #954 to pre-register for our #2FA demo and our 3D printer giveaway

CodeMotion, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Back to Europe! On May 11th & 12th, Phil Nash heads to Amsterdam for CodeMotion to show developers how to use Authy to easily generate one-time passwords and implement 2FA in web applications. Plus, he’ll  reveal the only real life compelling use case for QR codes.



SIGNAL, San Francisco, California, USA

One of the great things that came of Authy being acquired by Twilio in 2015 is that we get to meet & mingle with all the great developers who attend Twilio’s SIGNAL 2016 conference here at home (and soon, in London). It seems like all of Twilio will be there, including Fred Pazos, who will certainly be at all of the Authy sessions, including:

SIGNAL 2016 will be held on May 24th & 25th! If you haven’t registered yet, do so now. You don’t want to miss it. And use the code AUTHY20 for 20% OFF the admission fee. That’s a $100 Savings!

Remember to follow us at @Authy on Twitter to stay up to date on these and any additional events in Q216 & beyond.

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