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Authy: From a Dozen to Thousands Strong in 60 Days


60 Days In

Two months have passed since we joined forces with Twilio and rather than slowing us down, things are accelerating at Authy – in ways all great for us and for you, our fans, our customers.

From our three-room offices in San Francisco and Bogota, the Authy presence has now expanded to Twilio offices in New York, London, Dublin, Munich, Tallinn and most recently Hong Kong and Singapore…

From our modest business team pre-acquisition, Authy now has the support of a legion of incredibly dedicated and passionate Twilions who are helping us to spread the word about Authy 2FA. And even more significant, we signed an OEM agreement with Dell Software (think huge international network) that will introduce Authy to a new audience of corporate customers. Now companies using Dell Security infrastructure and organizations in need of soft token 2FA for securing access to their enterprise infrastructures and apps, including users of Microsoft Active Directory, can get Authy-tized. Through Dell and Twilio, Authy has increased multi-fold our market reach and our ability to serve you – we’ve grown from our humble 12 person core team to an engaged and knowledgeable network of thousands of security and software professionals worldwide.

What Does This Mean For You?

It means that you’ll soon see global 24×7 customer support, significant product enhancements and more avenues for us to share our considerable digital security knowledge and expertise with you, and to connect with each of you more one-on-one so that we can remain at the forefront of understanding and delivering on what is important to our community. And it means that we can now focus more than ever on our mission of bringing 2FA for all.

But rest assured, we are Authy. We remain focused on making the 2FA user experience as incredibly seamless (and fun!) as always, and in building a complete and reliable service that not only protects but wows our supporters.

Stay tuned – the rocket has launched and we are reaching for the moon.

Yours sincerely,



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