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Authy Gears Up For Signal 2016

logo-signal--open-graphNote: Signal 2016 will be held in San Francisco on May 24-25. And the after party, $BASH, happens on the 25th. It’ll be the biggest, nerdiest space carnival you have ever seen. Use code Authy20 for 20% ($100+) OFF

Just over a month away, and Authy is gearing up for Signal 2016, held here in San Francisco on Pier 27. Signal is a wild, and wildly educational, two days of developers, coders, entrepreneurs, system integrators, and independent software vendors networking, building stuff, and having fun. It’s all hosted by our parent company, Twilio. Authy was part of the event last year, but since we had only been recently brought into the Twilio family, we didn’t play a significant role at that time.

That’s all changed in 2016 as Authy will lead three sessions on digital security in app development, transactions, and site access.

You should definitely register now to make sure you’re part of this event. Regardless of whether you consider yourself non-technical, beginner, intermediate or advanced, there’s something for you. In fact, there will be nearly 100 sessions, in 6 tracks. And of course, you’re not limited to just cybersecurity topics, but if that’s an interest, these Authy-led sessions should entice:

Authy: Better Authentication for Your App in 30 Minutes2016-04-14_1512

  • Dan Killmer will walk you through how easy it is to add strong authentication to any app. In real time coding, you’ll learn how to add modern push-based 2FA to your application login using the same authentication techniques to enhance security for any transaction in your service. With no special security know-how required, you’ll quickly be able to add SMS/Voice, SoftToken and push-style 2FA to your project with as few as three lines of code using either REST, or a library for your favorite language.

Modern Identity, SSO & 2FA – How VMware Built It & Partnered with Authy

  • A few months ago, VMWare and Twilio announced a partnership that this session, co-presented by Marc Boroditsky and VMWare’s Ashish Jain, will explore in deep detail. As a leading virtualization vendor, VMWare was looking to bring a new set of cloud and mobile identity management tools to market, allowing enterprises and major applications to provide simple and secure access for their users. You’ll learn why VMware selected Twilio’s Authy instead of building a solution on their own, and uncover their critical requirements for a global customer base and the mobile users they support.

How Quickly Added 2FA to Meet Enterprise Security Requirements2016-04-14_1513

  •’s SaaS CMS platform enables major companies to create, deploy and maintain public-facing websites. It’s a is a new approach to building online environments for big name brands. However, big companies come with big requirements—and security is one of them.  In this session, we’ll hear from Authy Product manager Simon Thorpe and Zesty’s CTO, Andy Fleming, who will reveal why his company chose Twilio’s Authy 2FA to provide their enterprise customers with strong authentication, and how quickly they implemented the solution.


In addition to Authy speakers, there will be plenty of presentations by Twilio staff. And guest speakers join us from eLocal, RealPage, Slack, Contentful, Joyent, Bessemer Venture Partners,, FutureAdvisor, Nimble Ape, Porch, Akami, Remind, Uber, Basecamp, mRelief, Zillow, Xamarin, IBM Bluemix, Wedgies, paypal, SoundCloud, Wix, auth0, Improbable, Shyp, littleBits, Sparefoot, Salesforce, Wikimedia, VoiceIt, StarFighters, imPekable, Econet Wireless, Project Jupyter, Jewelbots, Sela Group, The New York Times, Redpoint Ventures, Open Access Law Firm, Detroit Water Project, and Whispir!


2016-04-14_1510Slightly more fun than the workshops and learning sessions is $BASH, which is basically code for ‘techie carnival’. You’ll see everything from Robo-jenga, to laser puzzles, to Star Wars Mad Libs to Rocket Boosters. That and great music, booze, and food. $Bash never fails.


SAVE $$$

But remember, Signal isn’t all about fun and games, it’s also a place where 2,000 of your peers will deepen business relationships or establish new partnerships. Register today if you haven’t already and use code AUTHY20 to take 20% (over $100) off registration.


  • 5% of SIGNAL ticket proceeds will go towards Hackbright Academy scholarships in support of women who code.
  • Students and full-time employees of charitable, nonprofit, or nongovernmental organization (typically .ORG’s) can attend SIGNAL for just $99. But be prepared to prove it!

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