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Authy 2FA & NodeJS Integrations

2016-11-09_1752Over the past few weeks, the Twilio Headquarters in San Francisco has seen Authy host a series of Meetups with developers, coders, and Startups of various sizes, to discuss how to bring two-factor protection to users, employees and data.

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We’ve long championed how integrating a cloud-based API for strong authentication is a simpler and better business solution than trying to build one in-house. And as security in web applications gets more and more complex, many organizations — like content management SaaS, vendor tray management solution Settrax, and email delivery and management service SendGridare turning to Authy 2FA to secure user onboarding, transactions, and priority access.

At the recent Bay Area Software Engineers Meetup and at the SFNode Meetup that followed soon after, Josh Staples, Solution Architect Engineer on the Authy team, discussed why two-factor auth is an important requirement for web citizenship. At both events, he demonstrated how to build and implement a powerful and simple authentication solution, and examined how it can be used for authentication of logins and transactions for web and mobile apps.

If you couldn’t attend either of these Meetups, or you just want to watch Josh’s live coding presentation again, here it is!  


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