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4 Q’s For Marc Boroditsky, Twilio’s GM of Authentication

2016-10-11_1735Marc Boroditsky is VP & GM of Authentication at Twilio following the acquisition of Authy where he was President & COO. Starting in computer security with the view that authentication was too difficult for users since they needed to know an increasing number of passwords, Authy’s simple, but powerfully secure, two-factor authentication was the perfect fit.

We caught up with Marc to ask him 4 questions, and his answers were —like Authy—simple and powerful.

Authy: You’ve been involved in security for a good part of your career — from established financial products to healthcare tech to start-ups. How do you think your previous experiences set the stage for your position at Twilio, leading the Authy team.

MB: Inevitable.

It’s only recently that the term ‘cybersecurity’ has started to seep into the lexicon mainstream. At first, it was terminology that only coders and hackers and the FBI might discuss. Now it’s found in Emmy-winning TV shows (like ‘Mr. Robot’) and more recently at the Presidential Debates. Has the term jumped the shark?

It’s great to see awareness increasing. But I worry that it becomes background noise and we all go on with bad old habits while hackers continue to up their game.

You were with Authy before it was acquired by Twilio in 2015. What’s changed?

Twilio is now a huge force in the market.

What do you see as the single biggest hurdle that security products like Authy must solve for?

Broad adoption.

Thanks, Marc!


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