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2FA That Works For Everyone, In Every Scenario


I have to say how wonderful it feels to be a part of the Authy team at Twilio. And here’s why:

I was recently on stage presenting Authy solutions at TNABC, The North American Bitcoin Conferencein Miami. And while we were there, many TNABC attendees—all experienced Bitcoin enthusiasts and evangelists—approached us with stories about their great experiences with the Authy app, either as users or as service providers. 

It was a nice moment. Authy has played a big part in delivering secure five nines availability and strong two-factor authentication for the cryptocurrency space for many years, for companies like Coinbase, UpholdBitwage, BitGo and many others. But Authy also offers a better user experience for any site protected by Google Authenticator-compatible solutions.

We continue to attend TNABC, and many other conferences and events, to spread the word about exactly why we receive such praise from Authy users, both in-person and through reviews in the Apple App Store and Google Play, and on social media. Authy’s solution is MUCH more than one-time password token generation; it is really easy to incorporate into applications, and delivers a frictionless user experience, even for those in needed edge cases and recovery scenarios, using a highly secure architecture. If you haven’t tried it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised

While on stage showcasing Authy OneTouch, I asked for a show of hands:

“How many of you think that two-factor authentication is a good experience…”  
<lots of hands>

“… for Mom…”  
<all hands go down>

And that’s what drives us. Making two-factor authentication work for everyone, in every scenario, is what we continue to deliver on at Authy.

See for yourself in the video recording of my time onstage at The North American Bitcoin Conference.

About the author Dan Killmer

Dan is the Lead Solutions Architect at Authy, and manages the Authy Sales Engineering team. Dan spends a great deal of time listening to customers, and helping them understand how our security products fit their business needs, along with helping customer technical teams succeed. Dan actively participates in identifying and specifying new features, as an outcome of customer and user comments and requirements.

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