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Talking 2FA with the B Libre Podcast

2016-03-16_1121I was recently interviewed by Andres Gonzalez and Alex Eaton on the B Libre! Podcast, which focuses on decentralized technologies and all things Bitcoin. It was a fun interview, and we covered a lot of ground quickly, including:

  • The evolution of Authy (including last year’s acquisition by Twilio)
  • Why cell phones are a better (and more affordable) device for authentication than other mechanisms
  • The security benefits of Application Containerization and the maturation of biometrics
  • 2FA in the bitcoin & banking industry
  • What developers and consumers need to know to stay ahead of future hacking events
  • How Authy OneTouch, our push-notification two-factor authentication, eliminates the user perception that  2FA is inconvenient

2016-03-16_0111When it comes to software and network security, the most common point of failure is human trust. Most people are too trusting, and that makes them the biggest threat to their own online security. Take a listen, and feel free to pass this blog post on to anyone who you think might benefit from a little 2FA.  Listen now.

Let me know what you think of it, or if you have any follow-up questions on what was discussed, tweet me at @simonthorpe.

About the author Simon Thorpe

Simon works in the product group at Authy and has over 15 years of experience in the security and identity management space. Working at companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Okta, he has spent a lot of time understanding and architecting solutions to secure all sorts of information. At Authy he works closely with the whole team to deliver a world class solution for developers to build security into their applications.

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