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New Products for a New Era

The World Today Is On The Move. People, Product, Everything.

Houses know when you are coming home, cars drive themselves, and the Internet of Things is happening today, with 2FA already being used to protect physical safes. Everything’s connected and all that matters is access…but only the right access.

We are at the beginning of a tsunami of intelligent device networks that is the next web. At this point in time, we can choose to step back and hide our heads in the sand, or embrace the inevitable and conquer it.

It is into this new world that we bring to you today the next generation of 2FA. Today, on stage with Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson at SIGNAL, I announced and demoed two new exciting products – Authy OneTouch and Authy for Apple Watch. Together, these products herald Authy’s accelerated advance into the future of two-factor authentication.

Authy OneTouch will soon become the standard for push authentication everywhere. It is the frictionless way for users to authenticate to websites and mobile apps – with a simple yes or no “one touch” response.

Authy for Apple Watch is available for all users who upgrade to the Authy app version 18, now available on iTunes. This new powerful version allows iPhone users to authenticate from their watch – without having to take out and unlock their phone.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Authy isn’t the first push auth out there, nor the only one available for the Apple Watch. But we are the best on both fronts. Why? Because Authy is the only company delivering to developers a composable API for access security. OneTouch gives product managers and developers complete control over the authentication process and user experience. Now you can add multi-factor authentication anywhere — at login, to approve a major transaction, or when there’s suspicious change to a user’s device — literally at any point of the user journey. You also have full control of branding and message interaction.

Of course, Authy’s products are still the only two-factor authentication solutions in the market that manage across the user authentication lifecycle. We account for and handle all those times when the user loses his or her phone and is locked out — saving our customers hundreds of thousands (even a million plus) dollars in support and call center costs. Why chose the hard road of building a comprehensive access management solution in-house, or use Google Authenticator, or another partially thought out 2FA service when you can have a fully baked 2FA solution with Authy?

What About Up-Time?

Only Authy can claim a 99.999% uptime rate since our launch in 2012 – that’s a record no other 2FA company can beat. And we have a public historical dashboard to prove it. What does it mean when your 2FA service fails? It means users are locked out of their accounts indefinitely – sometimes for up to an entire day – because someone chose a 2FA solution without regard for its performance over time.

I could go on, but it’s time for the SIGNAL Coney Island for Coders bash (because all work and no play make for poor developers). More on this later, but in the meantime please check out the new Authy product page at, and sign up for early access to Authy OneTouch here.

So what is it going to be? Stay behind in the dinosaur days of username/password and Google Authenticator, or fast forward into the future that is already here?

Be bold. Be right. Get Authy.


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