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Authy’s Countdown To Collision

2016-04-12_1955The countdown for Collision 2016 has officially begun. Here’s why we’re excited:

The Move

This is the first year that Collision, the U.S. version of the popular Web Summit started in Dublin in 2010, makes New Orleans it’s home. While we enjoyed Collision during its Las Vegas residency, we feel New Orleans—which has spent several years trying to establish itself as a major tech hub—is the perfect fit.

The Sandwiches

New Orleans has the best in the country. Whether it’s a classic muffuletta or a PO Boy, you can’t go wrong in NOLA.

The Music

Speaking of sandwiches, Collision 2016 just so happens to be sandwiched between Jazz Fest weekends. That means that Collision events will be scattered at night across the city’s bars, restaurants, and streets. So besides cool tech and great food, there will be the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Dr. John, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Boz Scaggs, Paul Simon, Lauryn Hill, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, Aaron Neville and many, many more. “Come for tech, stay for jazz,” Collision founder Paddy Cosgrave is fond of saying. We couldn’t agree more.

Cf1_jaFUYAAM168The Attendees

In the past, tech conferences could be a little classist. Those geared towards CEOs were avoided by start-ups, and vice versa. But Collision—which after all is defined as the act of colliding—is the perfect crash site for corporate leaders, investors looking for the next big thing, and start-ups with amazing ideas. The opportunity to “bump and connect” is huge. And with attendees flying in from over 100 countries, it’s a networker’s dream. And because business isn’t confined to 9-to-5, we’re also looking forward to one of the best networking opportunities we’ve ever come across: Collision’s Pub Crawls.

The Exhibits

Authy will be part of Twilio’s exhibit booth #B8, so if you want to talk #2FA and can’t find ‘Authy listed in the directory, look for ‘Twilio‘. Stop by for a product demo and to get your free #codegraffiti sheet.

55544The Speakers

Sure, there’s Tiki Barber, Brett Favre and dozens of speakers we’re looking forward to seeing, but we’re most excited to see our own CEO. Jeff Lawson. Why? His talk is entitled “The biggest mistake I ever made”. How could we miss it? It touches on why entrepreneurs need conviction to succeed and discloses how a mistake he once made shaped his personal and professional life. That’s Tuesday afternoon, April 26th, on Collision’s Center Stage.

The Workshop

We so love bringing Authy to developers and companies looking for a better way to secure apps and protect their users that on the next day (April 27th), Jeff Lawson will introduce lead solutions architect, Dan Killmer, to demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate our Authy 2FA into apps of all kinds. a1ce6162-fefd-46b2-af1b-6669ab9018caDan will show how Authy delivers a frictionless user experience through a powerful combination of authentication options: OneCode for SMS, SoftToken for a higher degree of security, and OneTouch for extra user convenience. If you haven’t tried Authy, this is the perfect opportunity.  Directly after Dan’s 30-minute presentation he’ll be holding a workshop to help participants  build their own authentication project. Come with a project already started and have Authy help optimize it, or Dan and team will help you build one from scratch. For early birds, the session starts at 9:45 am, with a repeat following immediately afterward, at 11:30 am. Both sessions take place in Room 268 and will come with breakfast to help grease the wheels a bit.

The Press Coverage

With cyber security issues trending hot these days, we’re inviting the media to talk #2FA anytime during the conference. Want a story? Stop by the Twilio/Authy booth. (We’re talking to you CNN, Le Monde, Fox, the Financial Times, the Huffington Post, CNBC, the Guardian, the BBC, Business Insider, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, and Bloomberg.)


Will you be in New Orleans for Collision 2016? Please look us up, we’d love to hear what you’re up to.


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